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White Wines

2019 Chardonnay 

Tondre Grapefield / Santa Lucia Highlands

A special small lot batch created by our award winning winemaker Anthony Craig. This 2019 offering is primarily tank fermented using Champagne yeast to give a creaminess to the mid-palate. A small portion was fermented in the barrel for a touch of added complexity. The minimal oak usage allows the pure, crisp chardonnay Chablis style fruit to shine through. The minimal oak shows a very subtle hint of spice on the finish. 


Red Wines

2021 Pinot Noir

Santa Cruz Mountains

:  The 2021 Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir is a blend of three vineyards made up of 10% Regan Vineyard from Corralitos, 78 % Las Nietas Vineyard from southern Corralitos and 12% Black Ridge Vineyard grown along a perpendicular mountain ridge rising above Lexington Reservoir in Los Gatos.  Each vineyard brings its own unique character to the blend. The Regan Vineyard offers bright red cherry fruit, while the Las Nietas brings an elegant, rich mouthfell and light tannins to the party. The Black Ridge Vineyard contributes flavors of black cherry fruit, a softer tannic structure and a complex earthy component. Blended pintos can present a more complex flavor profile & this 2021 appelation blend delivers bigger & bolder flavors in support of our signature tagline: “My Pinot is Bigger than Yours!”.


2019 Zinfandel


The 2019 Estate Vineyard Zinfandel shows classic mountain grown intense fruitiness and spice; expressed in Zin as raspberries and black pepper.  The Santa Cruz Mountains AVA attributes of minerality and acidity come shining through to make a complex age worthy wine. The palate shows bright berry fruit with hints of earth and floral notes and finishes with that characteristic black pepper note.


2014 Port of Syrah

Santa Lucia Highlands

When making port, we wait for the Syrah to ferment down from 25% sugar to about 10% sugar. We then take the partially fermented Syrah juice from the fermenter and transfer it to a stainless-steel tank where we add the high proof brandy to arrest the fermentation. From here on, the yeast slowly die off due to the high alcohol, but they continue to ferment through another +/- 2% or 3% sugar. Once the fermentation has quieted down, it goes directly to barrel where it is aged for 3 or 4 years prior to bottling. Unlike dry table wine, the port is not topped or any sulfur added. Whereas omitting the SO2 would create a heavily oxidized wine with potential to turn rapidly into vinegar, the slow oxidation of the port creates the desired “nutty” characteristic that we associate with port.Black Currents, (Cassis), blueberries and blackberries are consistent fruit characteristics of the Syrah, and the fortification process preserves and highlights all these qualities.


Limited Edition & Library wines

NV Tawny Port

2008 & 2009 Vintages

This non-vintage port is a 50/50 blend of the 2008 and 2009 port of Syrah from the Coastview Vineyard. It has an amazing depth of fruit after aging for 13 years in barrel. The long term aging has created those wonderful nutty, floral earthy aromas which carry through on the palate. Ports are often in the 20% alcohol range and 12% sugar range, but this delightful port is 18.5 alcohol and 8.5 residual sugar; which allows it to be a little more accessible and fruit forward. 


2005 Tawny Port

Monterey County, Coastview Vineyard

Oak barrel aged for 3 years and then aged out 15 years total. This Port has deep rich flavors of black currents, (cassis), blueberries and blackberries that are consistent fruit characters of the Syrah from the Coast View vineyard and the fortification preserves all of these qualities for the port. Owner Mike Ballard dubbed this bottling the "Nectar of the Gods"! 


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