White Wines

2019 Sauvignon Blanc  **SOLD OUT**

Monterey County

Our Sauvignon Blanc shows off the classic stone fruits that this varietal is known for:  White peaches and apricots, with a hint of green apples. Because it was not aged in oak, the fruit is dominant, and the palate is light fruity and refreshing.


2018 Chardonnay 

Tondre Grapefield / Santa Lucia Highlands

A special small lot batch created by our award winning winemaker Anthony Craig.


Red Wines

2018 Pinot Noir

Santa Cruz Mountains

The 2018 Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot is a blend of 3 vineyards (30% Regan, 30% Black Ridge, 40% Miller Hill) that shows off the wonderful complexity that this mountain grown pinot fruit is known for: Mineral, black cherry fruit, plush tannins. The palate is long and even showing off the beautiful fruit that lingers on the finish. Hints of briar and vanilla from oak aging adds an extra layer that keeps on giving.  


2018 Pinot Noir

Miller Hill Vineyard

2018 was a wonderful vintage for the Miller Hill vineyard, it started off cool and the temperatures were moderate throughout the growing season resulting in perfectly ripened grapes that allowed flavours and structure to mature beautifully. Red and black cherry fruit are dominant aromatics and flavours. The palate shows hints of nutmeg, lavender, rose petal and the ever present Santa Cruz Mountain minerality.  


2017 Pinot Noir  **Limited Supply Left**

Black Ridge Vineyard

The Black Ridge Vineyard is located on Black Road in the Los Gatos foothills overlooking Lexington Reservoir. The block within the vineyard these grapes come from is predominantly planted to the Pommard clone, and is known for its depth of colour, black cherry fruit and earthy, almost floral aromatics. This 2017 offering shows black cherry fruit with an overlay of earth and tobacco. There is a

smoky almost toasty element that blends well with the floral attributes that follows

through on the finish.


2017 Pinot Noir  **Limited Supply Left**

Miller Hill Vineyard

This 2017 offering from the Miller Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir has an elegant structure that allows the red cherry fruit to shine in all it’s opulent glory. The aromatic cherry fruit is very showy, but behind it lies a delicate spice that supports the wine right across the palate.


2017 Zinfandel  - Limited supply!!  It's almost gone!!


Our Estate Zinfandel vineyard was planted in 1910. It was expanded, and missing vines replanted in 1976. It is a beautiful example of the classic old-vine, head pruned, dry-farmed Zinfandel vineyard, and one of the few that have survived in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Because this is an extremely cool site for Zinfandel, combined with the fact that Zinfandel tends to ripen unevenly, it is important to get our fruit as ripe as possible. Judicious fruit thinning and leaf pulling helped us get to optimum ripeness levels. 


2017 Cabernet Franc ** SOLD OUT**


Our Estate Cabernet Franc vineyard was planted in 1923. After speaking with many wine historians, including Charles Sullivan and Jim Lapsley, we feel confident that this is the oldest Cabernet Franc vineyard in the state of California. As with our Zinfandel and Chardonnay, this vineyard is dry-farmed. In 1999 we placed it up on a trellis for the first time in its then 76 years. This has helped to improve its ripening and relieved some of the stress of supporting itself so the old vines can place more of their energy into fruit production.


2016 Pinot Noir

Tondre Grapefield / Santa Lucia Highlands

Red cherry and black cherry fruit are dominant in this wonderful 2016 offering of the Tondre’ Grapefield Pinot Noir. The typical Santa Lucia Highlands spice plays a significant role in the aromatics and blends well with the cherry fruit. The fruit carries through on the finish; the oak spice is subtle and plays a supporting role in the mid palate.


2014 Port of Syrah

Santa Lucia Highlands

When making port, we wait for the Syrah to ferment down from 25% sugar to about 10% sugar. We then take the partially fermented Syrah juice from the fermenter and transfer it to a stainless-steel tank where we add the high proof brandy to arrest the fermentation. From here on, the yeast slowly die off due to the high alcohol, but they continue to ferment through another +/- 2% or 3% sugar. Once the fermentation has quieted down, it goes directly to barrel where it is aged for 3 or 4 years prior to bottling. Unlike dry table wine, the port is not topped or any sulfur added. Whereas omitting the SO2 would create a heavily oxidized wine with potential to turn rapidly into vinegar, the slow oxidation of the port creates the desired “nutty” characteristic that we associate with port.Black Currents, (Cassis), blueberries and blackberries are consistent fruit characteristics of the Syrah, and the fortification process preserves and highlights all these qualities.


Limited Edition & Library wines

2005 Tawny Port

Monterey County, Coastview Vineyard

Oak barrel aged for 3 years and then aged out 15 years total. This Port has deep rich flavors of black currents, (cassis), blueberries and blackberries that are consistent fruit characters of the Syrah from the Coast View vineyard and the fortification preserves all of these qualities for the port. Owner Mike Ballard dubbed this bottling the "Nectar of the Gods"! 


NV Tawny Port

2006 & 2007 Vintages

This non-vintage port is a 50/50 blend of the 2006 and 2007 port of Syrah from the Coastview Vineyard. It has an amazing depth of fruit after aging for 13 years in barrel. The long term aging has created those wonderful nutty, floral earthy aromas which carry through on the palate. Ports are often in the 20% alcohol range and 12% sugar range, but this delightful port is 18.5 alcohol and 8.5 residual sugar; which allows it to be a little more accessible and fruit forward.