Winery Staff

Marc McGinnis

Assistant Winemaker

Marc is a Bay Area native who fell in love with the art of distillation, especially that magic elixir Rum. Marc worked on a yacht in the West Indies to further his Rum education, visiting Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago. Marc came home and promptly bought a second-hand still and named it “Carl.” After searching for a location that held the proper license to make distilled spirits, Marc struck a deal with the Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards. After more than fifteen years Marc and Carl continue to produce the brandy used to fortify the winery's Syrah-based Port. Marc also assists Head Winemaker, Anthony Craig in all facets of wine production.

Marc also has a need-for-speed; he can be seen grinning wildly behind the wheel of his Dodge Challenger while enjoying the mountain roads of the region. 


Kyle T. Ritchie


Kyle comes to Savannah-Chanelle from many years of experience within the wine industry from harvest to sales. He started his career in Livermore pouring in tasting rooms and worked his way into the cellar. As his experience grew he was brought on as a partner with a small winery where he started making wine as well as building the tasting room and wine club. After several years of building the business Kyle decided to leave Livermore and further his career in wholesale sales and inventory management. In 2013 he came to the Santa Cruz Mountains to get back to his roots in tasting rooms.

When not at the winery, Kyle can be found sitting on the beach, hiking through the redwoods, or sailing Monterey Bay...usually with a glass of wine.