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Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards is very fortunate to source fine fruit not only from our historic estate, but also from many of the finest vineyards in California.

Due to the many microclimates of the region, the Santa Cruz Mountains are unique in California – the Burgundy varietals of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grow happily alongside the Bordeaux varietals of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Savannah-Chanelle Winery is focused on Burgundy varietals, especially the noble Pinot Noir grape. Whether from our estate, or from one of our many vineyard partners, Savannah-Chanelle sources only the finest quality fruit for the production our wine.


2012 Chardonnay, Estate Vineyard  

The Estate Chardonnay is planted to the rare and difficult to cultivate Mt. Eden clone.  This plant material, brought by Paul Masson from Burgundy’s Corton-Charlemagne and shipped around the  Horn to San Francisco in the 1860’s, turned out to be important beyond its source. Little did Masson know that he was preserving the world’s only example of pre-phylloxera Corton- Charlemagne. The original vineyard in France died out long ago.

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White wines

2013 Chardonnay- Tondre's Grapefield  

Crisp green apples, tropical fruit, and crème brûlée aromatics also appear on the palate with tutti-frutti berry fruit and a hint of toastiness. The crisp acidity, and creamy mid palate from the extended yeast contact creates a wonderful refreshing mouth-feel.

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Price: $28.00
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Red wines

2011 Pinot Noir- Santa Cruz Mountains  

This 2011 Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot blend is very complex and shows great depth of fruit and spice. Red and black cherries, candied cranberries with hints of raspberries. The palate is long, plush and elegant, with cinnamon spice and lingering black cherry on the finish.

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Price: $35.00 
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2010 Syrah, Coast View Vineyard  

Coast View Vineyard is an exceptional site and one that few wine lovers will ever see.  Drive south to the Salinas Valley burg of Chualar, turn left and drive east, over hill and dale, ‘til the road ends at a gate.  Thru the gate, over another mile or so of hill and dale to another, locked gate, and you’re still not there!  And all this way, unless you know exactly where to look, you haven’t even caught a glimpse of the vineyard.  In fact, until you emerge from the dirt track that winds up thru the canyon, pass thru yet another gate, and mount one final ridge, you haven’t a clue what awaits.  Maybe this is for the better, because this site is so spectacular.  It’s one of those sites that could only be planted by a determined visionary, or a lunatic. 

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2010 Insider's Club Syrah  

The 2010 is a fine example of this effect, with aromatic notes of cassis and blueberries and a basket full of blackberries. The palate is full and plush, with moderate tannins and balanced acidity. The glorious depth of fruit carries through the palate from beginning to end and finishes with a hint of white pepper spice.

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Price: $36.00 
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2010 Monmartre, Red Blend  

Although this blend is almost 40% Carignane, the dominant cabernet franc comes shining through with its bright cranberry notes. The Zinfandel offers up its glorious raspberry and black pepper spice, while the Carignane brings darker black berry fruits to the finish.  This is all rounded off with a hint of blueberry from the wonderful Coast View Syrah. Aged for 21 months in Hungarian and American oak, yet the vanilla is a mere after-note that comes through on the finish. The palate is big and lush with soft textured tannins; perfect for pairing with your favourite meat dish.

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Price: $60.00 
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2012 Pinot Noir- Muns Vineyard  

 Deep, dark, true black cherry fruit is a typical quality of great Burgundies, and this Muns pinot has it copious amounts.

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Price: $45.00 
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