2009 Pinot Noir, Mun's Vineyard   

It has true burgundian black cherry fruit and minerality which only the Santa Cruz Mountains seem to be able to provide. Subtle oak characters of vanilla, nutmeg and just a hint of cinnamon are barely noticeable above the beautiful black cherry fruit. The palate is big, with showy youthful tannins that will be tamed with experience and age.

It’s not often I get to introduce a new vineyard into our Pinot Noir family, especially a local one, and it is with pride that I present to you the new Muns Vineyard. It is located on a ridge at 2600’ on Loma Prieta in the Santa Cruz Mountains overlooking the Monterey Bay. Cool foggy mornings, windy afternoons and well drained sandy/shale soils make it perfect for growing pinot noir. It is planted wholly to 4 Dijon clones: 115, 667, 777 & 114 also known as the usual suspects in California pinot vineyards today.

This is the first of the three new pinot vineyards that Savannah Chanelle will be introducing as we begin focusing on locally grown Santa Cruz Mountains grapes.Santa Cruz Mountains wineries have always been something of an oddity within the wine business, in that they tended to buy more grapes from outside of their appellation than they produced themselves. Extreme topography and prohibitive cost of land has been the main barrier in the past, but that is now slowly changing.

There has been an on-going renaissance within the local wine industry for the last decade or more, resulting in more vineyards and thus more availability. So we are excited to bring to you our first endeavour of the Muns Vineyard, Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir.

This is a big pinot and will require further aging before it reaches it’s full potential.
If however, you are impatient and wish to take delight in this first Muns vintage of ours, please decant it and let it breath for a couple of hours, as I said, it is big!  The finish keeps on giving, and lingers well after the last drop has been enjoyed.

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Pinot Noir


Anthony Craig


Santa Cruz


Muns Vineyard



Cases Produced:



1 - 8 years


100% Pinot Noir

Residual Sugar: